"Allison provides a massage that is suited to your needs. As a working mother of two and athlete she has been able to assist me with joint and muscles issues related to sport, pregnancy and stress. I always feel relaxed, rejuvenated and well-cared for in Allison's hands. I highly recommend her services to anyone I meet who is in need of a skilled and purposeful massage therapist."



"I have been getting treatment for my injuries for over 5 years using different therapies and techniques. It was Allison who finally found the solution to the terrible aching & shooting pains in my leg and after her massages, I have not had any problems with my leg again – Thanks!"



'"As a one-time trainee in the art of massage, and as the seasoned consumer of

massage services, at the hands of many and varied, over a period of more years than Allison Anderson has lived, I feel I am qualified to comment... She's good. Seriously. She has superlative technical skills, combined obviously with a natural sensitivity. I know, therefore, that she is not a one-trick pony, but can easily flow with the different needs and circumstances of different people. When lifestyle requirements have a person doing weird stuff like sitting down all day in front of either a computer or a steering wheel, the ol' body gets out of whack – it's

inevitable. My experience of Allison is that she has managed to untangle the knots, and get me nicely balanced again."